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Brisbane Business News is dedicated to recognising and unearthing the young talent in Brisbane.

The city's leading source of business news has commenced its search for the 2015 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

The Awards showcase the city's top young business leaders who are either at the forefront of innovation, riding a wave of stellar success, or even just starting out with big dreams and an even greater determination to make them a reality.

The criterion for nomination is that the entrepreneur founded their business, is the owner-operator, is based in Brisbane and was born in 1975 or later.

An esteemed judging panel will select exceptional entrants from the following categories:

Retail and Services

This category covers businesses in both the bricks and clicks space, recognising excellence in retail and retail services direct to the consumer.


Do you own a thriving restaurant, run a successful events company, or contribute to the Brisbane's tourism industry? This section is dedicated to you.


Digital encompasses companies that have mastered digital marketing channels and are delivering services that significantly raise their client's profiles.


This category recognises companies providing innovative options in the IT and electronics space, changing how consumers operate.

Property and Construction

You only have to look at the Gold Coast's ever-changing skyline to know the property sector means big business for the local economy.  If you are contributing to the development of the city, this category is for you.

Professional Services

Professionals across all disciplines including media, law, recruitment and accounting are given the opportunity to shine in this section.

Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution

This award is celebrating young entrepreneurs who are pushing above their weight in a sector that is seen as the backbone of the supply chain for the broader economy.

Marketing & Events

This category recognises companies that are forging creative and new ways to promote a product, service or event. Entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in raising profiles are encouraged to apply.

Social Entrepreneur

Are you solving social problems or effecting social change? 
This category recognises young talent with innovative initiatives
to some of society's most pressing social problems.


A Trailblazer is a special breed in business, someone who seriously has their finger on the pulse and adapts their business by will; not by force. This honour recognises a business that has seen exponential growth in their business and scope in a very short period and one that the judging panel believes will make a big name for itself. NOTE: those in the above categories will also be considered for this award.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

All category winners will be up for the coveted Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The winners will be announced at a special gala dinner at Victoria Park on Friday, October 23 - an event not to be missed!

Finalists will be given the opportunity to gain invaluable exposure and have their business profiled by Business News Australia.

If you are, or know of, an eligible young entrepreneur in Brisbane, click the button below:

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for businesses interested in connecting with this lucrative demographic. For details of sponsorship packages available please contact Kim Draper, Business News Australia on 07 3608 2068 or email kd@businessnewsaus.com.au.


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